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About Us

Nestled along the Merrimack River in Manchester’s charming millyard, Bayona Café is the perfect escape anyone seeking a break from the commotion of their day. Our menu offers an eclectic mix of breakfast and lunch options that are made from only the freshest local ingredients.

Whether able to relax a bit - or get your meal on the go our café is here for you! Bayona Café was designed to feel familiar, warm, and welcoming. Comfort is the priority in all regards; the food, the service, and the downhome feel is heightened by the exposed brick, granite and beam in our Jefferson Mill, Lower Level location.

We've taken everything customers love about our sister restaurant – Waterworks Café - and added some playful twists to bring an exciting new dining experience to the Manchester area. Have fun. Our daily specials are served on vibrant, red plates that complement our out-of-the-ordinary menu and surroundings. Let us be your new weekday escape. We promise you'll always feel at home at Bayona.

Keri and the Chef

The Story

(In Keri's Words)

My parents were only married a few months when, in 1963, they rented their first apartment in Bayonne, New Jersey. It was a basement apartment with one round window. My father, Gene, was so proud of it. I was born a few years later in Bayonne Hospital. My mother decided it was time to buy a house in a more suburban part of New Jersey. My father agreed but reluctantly left the beloved apartment behind. To this day, he still talks fondly about our time there. Because of that, Bayona Café was named and the red O – seen in the logo, around the café and represented by our signature red plates - honors his favorite window.

Ironically, after telling my father the name I had chosen for the café, he shared something I had never known; the name of the street where we lived in Bayonne was Cater Avenue. Fitting to say the least.

It has been a remarkable culinary journey creating this menu with our Culinary Director, Johnny Wallace. We are so proud of the results. All the creative things we've wanted to try in the past have been tweaked and rolled into these eclectic selections. We think you'll be very pleased with what you find.

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Bayona Café is a part of the Tidewater Family where quality and service comes first. With over a decade of professional catering and event planning experience, we are confident in our ability to accommodate just about any request, both in food and service. Whether for an important business event, social gathering, wedding, or themed gala, a Tidewater catered event will always leave a lasting impression on your guests.